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Ya Boy CatSquatch
Ya Boy CatSquatch Today, 18:38
Bloody wonderful
viralcore nakakamangha
viralcore nakakamangha Today, 18:34
The starting point of space culture.
Bernadette Prentiss
Bernadette Prentiss Today, 18:24
When I first heard this I wasn’t feelin it, but her normal sound. But I gave it another try and I’m in love. Grimes is so fucking unique I love it. Every song has a different sound. No recycling, she just brings her art to life to beautifully.
Felipe Bleichvel
Felipe Bleichvel Today, 18:19
Diferente da Grimes de antes.E adorei.Música bem equilibrada e boa de se escutar diversas vezes. Com algumas partes que grudam na mente aliás.
NPC C Today, 18:13
Honestly, I've never heard of this girl but it's not that good
TTLt106 Today, 17:53
Wow she sucks now! Holy shit!
Thiago Nicoletti
Thiago Nicoletti Today, 17:50
This is Grimes' best era
hot curry
hot curry Today, 17:44
Manjit Hada
Manjit Hada Today, 17:40
this is awesome!!
Kenzo B
Kenzo B Today, 17:33
Too country for me.
Steven simpson
Steven simpson Today, 17:30
love this!!!!
김김태태형형 Today, 17:01
오 좋다
RIH Today, 16:47
I used to listen to grimes years ago when she wasn't so famous and her music was really unique and awesome. This new music of her's just sounds like pop music. What happened?
Harish M
Harish M Today, 16:26
wehers Elon musk Comment? xD
Guffaw Today, 16:05
Grimes is the second to last boss you gotta fight in some obscure JRPG.
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Today, 15:21
Still waiting for a Grimes and Billie Eilish.
Brian Conover
Brian Conover Today, 14:38
Benoît CHENU
Benoît CHENU Today, 14:30
Obscurecloud Today, 14:12
This video has major Salvador Dali in space vibes and I love it 😍
fake balenciaga
fake balenciaga Today, 14:10
butterfly + easily + california + world princess pt. ii
ЖЕШЕ Today, 12:34
Спасибо за трек. У тебя связь с тонким миром! У тебя чистая, как слеза, душа. Удачи тебе!
Bunni M
Bunni M Today, 12:00
This is so good
Ornate Muse
Ornate Muse Today, 10:53
Just finding this today after finding out my graduating class lost another person to opioid addiction. Idk if that means anything but glad I'm here.
Chongofromda LB 562
Chongofromda LB 562 Today, 10:36
I’m trynna be Elon I bet you got them high ass vocal moans
Maxine Today, 09:59
Lying so awake, things I can't escape
Lately, I just turn 'em into demonsFlew into the sun, fucking heroinLately I just turn 'em into reasons and excusesAlways down when I'm not up, guess it's just my rotten luck
To fill my time with permanent blueBut I can't see above it, guess I fucking love it
But, oh, I didn't mean toI see everything, I see everything
Don't you tell me now that I don't want it
But I did everything, I did everything
More lines on the mirror than a sonnet (Woo)Funny how they think us naive when we're on the brink
Innocence was fleeting like a seasonCannot comprehend, lost so many men
Lately, all their ghosts turn into reasons and excusesAlways down when I'm not up, guess it's just my rotten luckTo fill my time with permanent blueBut I can't see above it, guess I fucking love itBut, oh, I didn't mean toI see everything, I see everythingDon't you tell me now that I don't want itBut I did everything, I did everythingMore lines on the mirror than a sonnet (Woo)
Tayla Ubank
Tayla Ubank Today, 09:18
I’m enjoying the subtle nod to Akira
Bellaaacyan Today, 08:25
currently in treatment, i’ve been trying to get sober for the past year and for once i see clearly what it is i need to do and what i want. This song speaks lengths to me. Reminds me of the ones i’ve lost, the places i’ve been, and the place i no longer want to be. To see how far i’ve come, all i can hope is anyone who still struggles finds something besides the permanent blue. REST IN PEACE CARLO 💖
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Today, 08:23
I'll be honest. After Visions I just havent been able to get into her music. I've tried so hard with each new album or song but it's been pretty hard. She just hasn't been nearly as good. I'd say down right bad.
James Robert Archbald
James Robert Archbald Today, 07:41
shouldn't the gov step in and pretend to do something about themselves promoting a song talking both heroin and cocaine?
Здесь Сейчас
Здесь Сейчас Today, 07:37
Kalpana Today, 07:36
Song finally grew on me
Pip ?
Pip ? Today, 07:15
Is this not just wonderwall guitar?
Alexandra Shipp
Alexandra Shipp Today, 07:12
Our Martian Queen
Dmitriy Today, 06:30
This made my brain hurt
Caio Matroska
Caio Matroska Today, 06:01
Robert Beaulieu
Robert Beaulieu Today, 05:41
i have feelings for u
V Soul
V Soul Today, 05:22
Hi , go fort live the life that you want, no one is stoping you now , you are in a point where what you decide will affect all humanity. I knew i have to protect your spirit all this years, sometimes teaching nice poetic letters and such , sometimes it require me to be as you may perceived as so called bad . All in a chess game of learning to attain certain benefit in witch me did received only one , its a final action in a chain like blood, this action will never stop, it will like i say, reach the meta, or end of all to attain enlightenment.
Richard Scandaliato
Richard Scandaliato Today, 05:17
Looks like that julien Nguyen virgin painting lol hehe rAwr
Monk Lyfe
Monk Lyfe Today, 04:43
Seriously, chaotically, hilariously a genius at work.
Marcie Chords
Marcie Chords Today, 04:35
the combination of the music video and music is like.. most beautiful and innovative one ever.
turnleftaticeland Today, 04:30
Does this sample Wonderwall lmao
Sakura Bloom
Sakura Bloom Today, 03:25
💛 I just adore this song 💛
Melissa Moonchild
Melissa Moonchild Today, 03:18
So this is a space cowboy?
HUNTENT247 Today, 03:03
Creepy as fuck but I dig it somehow.
Brian Pierce
Brian Pierce Today, 01:36
This music video is basically identical to the cover art for Akira Volume 4
chris ohara
chris ohara Today, 01:25
Mauro Leyva
Mauro Leyva Today, 01:18
Thank u ❤️
theberen11 Today, 00:54
Everyone's saying "Akira" and I'm saying "Enya" (The Memory of Trees album cover)
liam tyrer
liam tyrer Today, 00:21
That violin at the end gets me every time
Angelina Rakausky
Angelina Rakausky Today, 00:08
Ur baby is not a “they” 🙄🥴
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