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spoiled compote
spoiled compote Today, 19:09
i’m crying
Poliana Aparecida
Poliana Aparecida Today, 18:58
Jeonajmah Hadji
Jeonajmah Hadji Today, 18:56
I'm ready to DIVE in your world #ikon
Clik Clak
Clik Clak Today, 18:55
Hà Thu
Hà Thu Today, 18:43
Nikosasih F
Nikosasih F Today, 18:42
Semangat guysss...
Natasha Abigail Roldhea Oping
Natasha Abigail Roldhea Oping Today, 18:40
Keep comin back to this masterpiece ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Amy V
Amy V Today, 18:35
I like their choreography looked so smooth,relax and cool❤❤❤
Mèo Luv
Mèo Luv Today, 18:33
Oh steal musicThe night of Avicii
pinkie pie
pinkie pie Today, 18:19
we need to change the choreo for bobby !
erma paramitha
erma paramitha Today, 18:18
MoJin Kim
MoJin Kim Today, 18:12
I love this song
vinn vinn
vinn vinn Today, 18:03
14m cmonn keep streaming ikonic
Beyou Chan
Beyou Chan Today, 18:01
Almost there.... :):)
Jay_Jameszxc Today, 17:57
The harmonica parts reminds me of Tom and Jerry's lonely days at Texas or any desert place. Smthing like that. lamoooo
aiman atikah ibrahim
aiman atikah ibrahim Today, 17:52
I'm not an ikonic but this song is bop..i'm wishing ikon all the best in whatever they pursue..hwaiting ❤🌸
Kguy Ku
Kguy Ku Today, 17:52
Rosé Today, 17:49
duck n
duck n Today, 17:39
where did everyone go? its slow now
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen Today, 17:36
I miss B.I :((
DOLLY CHHETRI Today, 17:31
With sub,❤❤❤
Cristel Jung
Cristel Jung Today, 17:18
Appreciation post for iKON's hardwork!❤️*Kim Hanbin*Kim Jinhwan*Kim Jiwon*Kim Donghyuk*Song Yunhyeong*Koo Junhoe*Jung ChanwooA little appreciation for all of your hardwork iKON❤️ We know how loaded your schedules are right now.We know how tired you are as of this moment. We always see you guys ok and well on cam but we can't tell how you are off cam.💔All the hard works down to the smallest efforts you gave are so much appreciated❤️Thank you iKON!We are pleased and proud!iKONICs stand with you!
fighting haeyadwae
fighting haeyadwae Today, 17:11
We love you unconditionally iKON
Zen Ya
Zen Ya Today, 17:07
How did you stream this song?Tell me about steps.
Ade Laide
Ade Laide Today, 17:05
Please support all the boys, iKON is always 7, leave messages of support for all seven.
Change Wine
Change Wine Today, 17:02
kim rnavy
kim rnavy Today, 17:02
iKON - DIVE02.24 12:00AM KST: 13,677,31002.25 12:00AM KST: 13,893,602Today's vi3ws: 216,292
donariska Today, 16:58
DK..... I love youuu :*
Faith Billones
Faith Billones Today, 16:45
Dear hanbin,The “love scenario” that you created,It’s “killing me” that you are not back,Hoping its not a “goodbye road” to us,“I’m ok” if you’ll be back to us soon,Just “dive” into our world again.
Tuyet Tran
Tuyet Tran Today, 16:26
wowww nice song 😍👍👍👍
Daniela Carhuancho
Daniela Carhuancho Today, 16:21
Saipan janthsean
Saipan janthsean Today, 16:21
Ruthi Lalhmingsangi
Ruthi Lalhmingsangi Today, 16:14
Ikon. Never disappoints
ItzEm Today, 16:11
International ikonics lets go keep streaming, let korean haters know, ikonics international need BI and his music
Helen Thazin
Helen Thazin Today, 16:09
This song is totally lit💯Blink and moo moo supporting!!! 😍
lira bella
lira bella Today, 16:08
Gera K
Gera K Today, 16:05
Хоть и медленно, но нужно 14 лимонов хотя бы до завтра.. ((
lira bella
lira bella Today, 16:03
As you continue to listen to it over and over, youll love the song and understand the lyrics more! 🔥🔥❤ HAENGBOKHAJA BOYS! EXOL here!!
Gera K
Gera K Today, 16:02
Хочется увидеть их на ТВ-шоу
•A-Tiny Army•
•A-Tiny Army• Today, 16:01
Brunna Silva
Brunna Silva Today, 15:54
Nazmi Halida
Nazmi Halida Today, 15:48
Daniella De Guzman
Daniella De Guzman Today, 15:43
y'all sleeping on this masterpiece for real
With ikonic With ikonic
With ikonic With ikonic Today, 15:40
Felicite Melinda
Felicite Melinda Today, 15:24
Who is that guy at 0.42 . He's mesmerizing... Im not an ikonic but this song is fire..😊
Khin Than Swe
Khin Than Swe Today, 15:24
Wtf .Why people can't understand for ikon? Why only 13M in 2 weeks? It must be over 50M. It is not ikon fault. It is not B.I fault. It is all YG fault because YG pressure on B.I to quit. We miss you B.I.😭😭😭
Yasmim WINCHESTER Today, 15:21
Meus maridos arrasam 😋❤❤❤
Ju Young Oh
Ju Young Oh Today, 15:19
아니 뭔데 이렇게 좋냐 노래가ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 진심 응원해요 오빠들❤️
JTM Today, 15:15
iKON - i DECIDE (Mini Album) Playlist:
Dianne Jose
Dianne Jose Today, 15:06
I'm not ikonics but I enjoy this song
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