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Ariff Hamid
Ariff Hamid Today, 02:09
Wow the pussycat dolls made a comeback!!!!!!
Vickie Franklin
Vickie Franklin Today, 02:06
Damm, can i be the 1 in the middle of them! I'm sweating, drooling, & i need a cold shower!
Damari Pizarro
Damari Pizarro Today, 01:55
I joined a gym after watching this video. No more fkn around.
PlatinumxLove Today, 01:54
wow they all look amazing!
Chloe O'Connor
Chloe O'Connor Today, 01:50
😍😍😍 What a comeback!!!
Daniel Maciel
Daniel Maciel Today, 01:41
Música top
Sam Carbon
Sam Carbon Today, 01:39
Now that there is no 5th Harmony,The Pussycat Dolls return.I would love to see a girl band battle between the two.Who would win ?
julia martinez
julia martinez Today, 01:36
yesss is perfect Love .
Stella Today, 01:34
It would be interesting to see a collaboration with either JLO , RIHANNA....BEYONCE.
Miriam R
Miriam R Today, 01:31
Need to hit the gym now more than ever
красавчик красавчик
красавчик красавчик Today, 01:20
Народ кто знает о чём поют эти барышни???
MF Show
MF Show Today, 01:13
judenamibia Today, 01:04
Bartek Today, 01:03
im gay but rn im questioning myself u better stop rn
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell Today, 00:49
They could be mistaken for Drag Queens
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Today, 00:46
Sexiest Pantene commercial ever
ramona maria
ramona maria Today, 00:45
all these girls are sooo beautiful
Las amo
Andrew Deveau
Andrew Deveau Today, 00:20
16K people wish they were this hot.
JDogg Hype Vlogs BHE
JDogg Hype Vlogs BHE Today, 00:15
Why 16kDislike views they most be new generation don’t know good music 🎶 , straight out yellow bus😆😆😆😆, I love all pussycat doll music first kome out
Mark Gil
Mark Gil Today, 00:07
The hottest come back ever! 🔥
xFellazz Yesterday, 23:55
nicole and the girls
nikhil unni
nikhil unni Yesterday, 23:51
In your face cheryl cole😃
Jean Patrick Alexander Panganiban Villamor
Jean Patrick Alexander Panganiban Villamor Yesterday, 23:48
When I get messed up at the POTTY
Jasmine Abusafieh
Jasmine Abusafieh Yesterday, 23:46
Damn the music video was great but the song was meh :/
Queen Cc
Queen Cc Yesterday, 23:44
Gamer Chic Ollieh
Gamer Chic Ollieh Yesterday, 23:43
PCD just went from a 'group' to a 'girlband' without Melody. #NotTheSame............also this song makes me feel like I've heard it before
Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen
Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen Yesterday, 23:42
Catchy song.
Jasper Bharadaksa
Jasper Bharadaksa Yesterday, 23:39
this group needs to learn a bit from KPOP and they will sell much better.
Tanis Leonhardi
Tanis Leonhardi Yesterday, 23:38
They still got it!
Georgiana Alexe
Georgiana Alexe Yesterday, 23:32
I think that this song is one of the best they have so far. Can't wait for more. I hope the other girls will have more parts
The PAW Yesterday, 23:31
My only comment is ...why?
Car Stereo
Car Stereo Yesterday, 23:30
Nicole's 41 years old and still hotter than the sun
Stanislav Sobolev
Stanislav Sobolev Yesterday, 23:25
Cool job!
Daniela Balická
Daniela Balická Yesterday, 23:09
That porn has a good music 🎵🎵🎵
Kylie Jayme
Kylie Jayme Yesterday, 23:05
I'm crying 😭😭😭😭
Varanjie Yesterday, 22:36
Fucking love it!
chris69 Yesterday, 22:30
Boring. The same trivial trala music as before. In addition, a little ass shake and table dance in lacquer and leather.
Arthur Lima
Arthur Lima Yesterday, 22:25
Cade os brasileiros ? 🇧🇷
Jane Vieira
Jane Vieira Yesterday, 22:19
Are you serious back???
Milk's Room
Milk's Room Yesterday, 22:18
Namiq MU Mammadov
Namiq MU Mammadov Yesterday, 22:11
What a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥
Jubayer Ahmed
Jubayer Ahmed Yesterday, 21:56
Wow! Am I watching right? They are in 2020!! My first time of listening to PCD was from my first PC.
Elisa Dragomir
Elisa Dragomir Yesterday, 21:56
koskamr Yesterday, 21:55
So beautiful. I hope i look like this in my 40s
Joseph Bianco
Joseph Bianco Yesterday, 21:49
I love me some Jessica🖤
Solo V TV
Solo V TV Yesterday, 21:47
I cant wait to do and upload my chores to this song!!!! ugh I fkn love it!!this video is SOOO PUSSY CATDOLLS I love they didn't change a but! not even the way they dance nor look after all these years 😩🙌🏼❤️
olindawinchester Yesterday, 21:30
Omg Kim Kardashian 😂
Shy Girl
Shy Girl Yesterday, 21:18
omg what's wrong with Nicole nose?? it's look different I hope it's a makeupand her lips look biggerplease stop Nicoledont be like all of them(
miriam ngunza
miriam ngunza Yesterday, 21:15
I would love to hear the other girls singing to😇😇
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