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하하 Today, 19:27
i am so surprised people forgave her,,
taylorswifthome Today, 19:13
The 'BTS' made me wanna rewatch that
Sooraj Popz
Sooraj Popz Today, 19:09
This song is O la la la..!
CRAB Today, 19:05
Kris Gomez
Kris Gomez Today, 19:05
Anyone else having really bad resolution/quality problems. Youtube won't give me the option to switch out of auto for quality...
OpiumVEVO Today, 19:00
I was searching for this song... I found it so fast it was unsatisfying
helena meza
helena meza Today, 18:58
It's Like alabtraos The D.I.S.C.O
Iris •
Iris • Today, 18:54
2:17 🔥
The Journey
The Journey Today, 18:43
Pogiren hindi song
Mirela Gherasim
Mirela Gherasim Today, 18:42
I cant stand the video quality 😷😭
ED HAINE Today, 18:37
They say he likes a good time(My, oh my)He comes alive at midnight(Every night)My mama doesn't trust him(My, oh my)He's only here for one thingBut (so am I)YeahA little bit olderA black leather jacketA bad reputationInsatiable habitsHe was onto me, one look and I couldn't breatheYeah, I said, "If you kiss meI might let it happen"I swear on my life that I've been a good girlTonight, I don't wanna be herThey say he likes a good time(My, oh my)He comes alive at midnight(Every night)My mama doesn't trust him(My, oh my)He's only here for one thing (let's go)But (so am I)Look, I'm the type to make her turn on her daddyDaBaby make her forget what she learned from her daddyI don't be trippin on lil' shawty, I let her do whatever she pleaseI don't be kissin' on lil' shawty, she don't be kissin' on me eitherShe came with you and then left with me, I went up a point, let's call it even (yeah)Don't like the car she in, gonna end up buying her a new Beamer (let's go)That girl know what she want, she make me take it off when she see me (let's go)She say I make her wet whenever my face pop up on TVI had to say, "No disrespect, gotta do it safe or you can keep it"Pop star, I'm fresh up out the trap and I'm goin' BieberShe know I'm a call away, she can drop a pin and I come meet herStand next to me, you gon' end up catchin' a fever (yeah, yeah, yeah)I'm hot (yeah)I swear on my life that I've been a good girl (good girl, good girl)Tonight, I don't want to be herThey say he likes a good time(My, oh my)He comes alive at midnight (he comes alive, oh every night)(Every night)My mama doesn't trust him(My, oh my)He's only here for one thingBut (so am I)My, my, my, my, my, oh myMy mama doesn't trust you, babyMy, my, my, my, my, oh myAnd my daddy doesn't know you, noMy, my, my, my, my, oh myOh, my, my, my, my, my, oh myMy, my, my, my, my, oh myThey say he likes a good time(My, oh my)He comes alive at midnight(Every night)My mam doesn't trust him(My, oh my)He's only here for one thingBut (so am I
Simon Ghost
Simon Ghost Today, 18:36
I got a test tomorrow (my oh my)I am studying till the midnight (every night)My parents doesn't trust me (my oh my)They think i play games till midnight (every night)Why this is happening to me (my oh my)I don't like this help me!!
LWH4456 Today, 18:25
Maryam rafiq
Maryam rafiq Today, 18:22
Why this song didn't still cross 100m? 🙁
cain serafines
cain serafines Today, 18:12
Zashhii Anwar
Zashhii Anwar Today, 18:10
Am I the only one who feels this song should’ve had one more stanza Still love it tho❤️⚡️
O auge negah
O auge negah Today, 18:08
Pragati Laxmeshwar
Pragati Laxmeshwar Today, 18:03
1:49 I'm so glad he didn't drop her this time
DEVIL leo Today, 17:58
Mam biggggg faannnn
Dookiemanik Today, 17:55
Fun Fact!! Today Feb 24, Camila got her 13,1 Mil subs on her youtube channel, the same sub numbers as Fifth Harmony. Cam only needs 2 years to match the numbers since Havana was blowing up in late 2017 / early 2018
Fung Fung
Fung Fung Today, 17:51
MV finally
elrubius xd
elrubius xd Today, 17:49
M n M
M n M Today, 17:35
Why so baf quality.. That time was good pictures
Rinotjie Tjizumaue
Rinotjie Tjizumaue Today, 17:27
'' My Oh My''
Raquel Aparecida Mariano
Raquel Aparecida Mariano Today, 17:17
SARAN • 1 year ago
SARAN • 1 year ago Today, 17:15
HELPEveryone push the views to high
asap playa
asap playa Today, 17:12
Who else here after they saw Da baby...!!
kiara Semedo
kiara Semedo Today, 17:10
Dababy’s part hit in a way 🤒
juan carlos huanca
juan carlos huanca Today, 17:10
Bello boys
Free MySoul
Free MySoul Today, 17:08
Shadi Moazami
Shadi Moazami Today, 17:01
So proud of you bby
Albert Fong
Albert Fong Today, 16:31
I srsly thought I was having a problem with the wifi
Mark Angelo Concepcion
Mark Angelo Concepcion Today, 16:17
omg this music video is black and white? I only realized it now but I've watched this a couple of times.
Sebi Petrea
Sebi Petrea Today, 16:14
Suppy playz
Suppy playz Today, 16:13
Victor Quintanilha
Victor Quintanilha Today, 16:00
Eu estou assintindo este clipe musical, no Domingo - 24/02/2020
Lozis Heroer
Lozis Heroer Today, 15:47
Shreya Vijai
Shreya Vijai Today, 15:42
Love u camila
Jovana Janjic
Jovana Janjic Today, 15:39
so is this music video about meryln monroe?
1000 with no vedio
1000 with no vedio Today, 15:34
Give me subscriptions
maintv joniyi
maintv joniyi Today, 15:31
Obegu songs Camila
Tour Quadrillion
Tour Quadrillion Today, 15:29
Why is the video quality so bad, other song has normal but this video quality is bad. Idk is it just me
Captain Olimar
Captain Olimar Today, 15:19
Dababy Killin it as always
ProjectKV SPGDwarka
ProjectKV SPGDwarka Today, 15:17
Camilla - I swear on my life that I been a good girl Billie Eilish-all the good girls go to hell
Filipe Goncalves
Filipe Goncalves Today, 15:14
now why this only has 17M views is something ill never know
karma *
karma * Today, 15:12
Camilla: *with DabAbYShawn* and i hope i meant something to you.....
Adiline Darsy
Adiline Darsy Today, 15:10
I am at the beginning of the clip:What about my speaker? I just bought a phone a while ago. And then she went and complained to the brothers that the speaker was not working. A day later, someone turns on this clip and what am I for? it turns out at the beginning so specially made sound😹
W.白毛 Today, 15:09
my oh my The quality
Rayne Michael
Rayne Michael Today, 15:09
Oh and here I thought she was cancelled😂💀😂💀👌🏼
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Today, 15:06
My oh my Camila.
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